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We’re celebrating the release  of Reckoning and Ruin, the 5th in the Tai Randolph/Trey Seaver mystery series! You can get your print copy through Poisoned Pen Press or Amazon, or if you prefer e-books, on Kindle, Kobo, GooglePlay and iTunes.

You can read the first chapter here. And if you’ve already finished the book, you can find the epilogue here (no spoilers, but there’s a little zoom-zoom!).

For more information about Reckoning and Ruin – including reviews and the back-of-book teaser – click on the Books tab above.

A review snippet to whet your appetite, from Philip K. Jason at the utterly fine Southern Literary Review: “This is a fine murder mystery that does all the things it should do, opening special windows on character, behavior, legal issues, and investigative procedure in ways that distinguish it from others in the genre. For all that, the reader’s journey inside of the relationship between Tai and Trey, so fraught with the possibility of disaster, so filled with longing, is the solder that binds the pieces together and also the novel’s beating heart.”


Want to be tattooed like Tai without the, you know, pain and permanency? Post a pic of Reckoning and Ruin in the wild (in your hand/in the bookstore shelf/at the library) and I’ll send you three faux tattoos just like Tai’s. You have to find your own Trey. Details HERE.

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